Bleach vs Naruto 3.0 Title Screen
Bleach vs Naruto 3.0 Gameplay
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About Bleach vs Naruto 3.0

Bleach vs Naruto 3.0 Title Screen
Bleach vs Naruto 3.0 Gameplay

Are you ready for another exciting fight? Bleach vs Naruto 3.0 is a long-awaited, new fully redesigned version of the popular fighting game where Bleach and Naruto worlds are fighting for the title of the most powerful kind of warriors. Once again you have to choose which side you are on in this conflict. Choose your champion and lead him to victory!

After a year of development, the creators have prepared a complete redesign of the interface, 4 new maps, a new "Hell" difficulty mode, many improvements and optimizations in AI, graphics and animations. Update 3.0 also adds 4 new characters, increasing their total number to 44!

The gameplay is simple and similar to other classic arcade fighting games. You can move from left to right ( A D ), block enemy attacks (S ), jump ( K ), dash ( L ), attack your opponents with basic attacks ( J ), powerful special attacks ( U I ) or with help of your assistant ( O ). W key isn't used to move, but it can be combined with the attack keys to perform air attacks or blasts directed upwards. Using a block and attack ( S + J ) at the same time will activate one of the character's special abilities. If you get 3 bars of energy, you can activate the transformation using attack and jump at the same time ( J + K ). It'll increase speed, power and skills of your character.

To start the game, click on the title screen and choose the mode you want to play. Use W S A D to select a character and then confirm by pressing J. Player 2 chooses the character using         and confirms by pressing 1.


ADMoveSBlockJAttackKJumpLDashUIOSpecial attack


MoveBlock1Attack2Jump3Dash456Special attack

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